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दवा का दबदबा !

Alkem Laboratories Ltd. is ranked No.5 in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, as per November 2007, ORG IMS. Alkem’s sales revenue in the Indian market is approximately US $ 237 million for the financial year which ended on 31st March, 2007. Over the years, Alkem has developed a reputation for its strength in sales and marketing through strong brand building. Alkem has 12 brands listed in the top 300 brands in India, as per IMS. Alkem is rated the No.2 company in the overall antibacterials segment and No.1 in Cephalosporin formulations. Alkem also has significant presence in several other therapy areas such as Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, Oncology, Neuropsychiatry, Cardiovascular and Gynaecology, to name a few. In fact, in several of these segments, Alkem is considered to be a brand leader.
Alkem operates in the Indian market through 7 focused SBU’s.
Main Pharma divisionBergenUlticareMedivaCytomedPentacareFutura (Generics)
Whilst the main Pharma Division, Ulticare and Bergen, are the main revenue generators, the newer specialty divisions, Pentacare (Neuropsychiatry), Mediva (Cardio - Diabeto) and Cytomed (Oncology), are growing very rapidly and are enhancing their market share in the chronic segment space with a wide range of products in their respective categories.

Field Force
Alkem has deployed a massive field force of 2800 people to promote its products to a target group of 35% of the total population of doctors, covering areas from the metros to the rural markets across India and Nepal


Alkem also has one the largest logistic network distributions set up in India, covering each state. Alkem distributes its products through 20 depots and C and F agents along with a network of 6500 stockists . The company covers almost 40% of the retail pharmacy in India


Alkem has successfully inlicenced several patented molecules from international companies vis Oxum (Oculus Innovative Science, USA), Cytobrush (Cooper Surgical, USA), Pycnogenol (Hor Phag, Switzerland) etc. Many more inlicencing deals are at advanced stages of discussion, encompassing several therapeutic groups.

Shri Samprada Singh's budget expectations report has been published on the following portals.

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Bahut achha laga kee ek Bihari kee company Alkem desh kee eetani badi company hai. Sanjay jee aapne technical details dekar bahut badhiya jaankari uplabdh karayee hai.


We are proud of it - ALKEM , ARISTO , AGLOMAD and many others which they lead !

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